5 Secret Beaches in Malaysia – MUST VISIT!

5 Secret beaches in Malaysia – MUST VISIT!

Most of the beaches in Malaysia are not what you will expect. But these are some of the beaches that  have to be visited at least once in your life. The beaches are as follows.

5. Redang Island.
Redang Island is very famous for its white sand beaches and its crystal clear waters. People often go there to snorkel and dive so it tends to get a bit crowded during the peak season but it is a must visit place and should be on your list. October to March is the monsoon season so make sure you don’t go there during this time if you don’t want to get caught up in the rains.
If you swim deeper in the water, you can also find marine life and feed the fishes.

                                          Source: Google.

4. Tioman Island.
This place is very famous for its corals and snorkeling spots. There are amazing pubs and restaurants that you can visit and the nightlife is amazing when you add a little bit of touch by lighting the bonfire on the beach. If you are a nature lover, you can visit the Monkey Beach and Monkey Bay from Salang.

                                                   Source: Google.

3. Rawa Island.
Rawa Island is often known for its irresistible beach and azure blue waters which makes it perfect for people who wish for some peace, specially for people who are seeking a secluded getaway. It is also known for its breathtaking sunsets. So if you are looking for a place to relax, this is it!

                                                                  Source: Google.

2. Emerald Bay.
The emerald-green beach and the quiet ambience makes this place an amazing romantic getaway. Emerald Bay has one of the most beautiful coves in the world. It is a very secluded beach. You have to go on a 2-hour slow hike to actually get there. So this is practically for both, nature lovers and beach lovers. But the view is breathtaking. MUST GO!

                                                                  Source: Google.

1. Perhentian Kecil.
Last but not the least, Perhentian Kecil Island. If you are a backpacker, this will be the ultimate destination for you. It is an untouched island. It is definitely renowned for its pristine beaches and crystal clear water. There are basically two Perhentian Islands. One is Perhentian Besar, which is a little touristy. The other one is Perhentian Kecil, which is an island that is a ferry away from Besar. Perhentian Kecil is termed as a Paradise.

                                                                  Source: Google.

So this is my Top 5 list of beaches. Do visit them if you are visiting Malaysia. You can fly from Singapore too via budget airlines. Just keep traveling!!


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