National Day Parade!! (experience as a participant)

The National Day is celebrated on the 9 th August, 2017. The theme for this year’s National Day
Parade (NDP) is “#OneNationTogether”. Singapore celebrates its 52nd birthday at the Marina Bay
floating platform. I want to share with you all a memorable journey of being attached to this
beautiful organization since many years. Having about 600 members participating with the spirit of
Many in body one in mind was an amazing treat to the eyes. In the process of participating in such
initiatives, SSA (Singapore Soka Association) members have the opportunity to strengthen their own
faith and understanding of Buddhism and engage in their human revolution while also deepening
friendship and connections with others. Through such activities, the challenge of harmonious
coexistence—learning to respect and collaborate with others, bridging differences in order to meet a
common objective—at once becomes both a personal and collective endeavour. We had a
spectacular mass performance that included light shows and formations choreographed dance
routines involved members who are not trained dancers. We were in Act 2 – Growing Together
begins with a throwback to the five Show protagonists as children sharing their dreams. With all the
light effects, it was indeed a heart-warming performance.




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